Please review our list of testimonials from satisfied customers and clients, as well as design firms and engineers that we have worked along side of on past projects.

Kolehmainen Vet Clinic

July 14, 2008

We were asked by Murphy Contracting for a letter of reference.  Murphy Contracting built our new 4600 sq. ft. Veterinary Clinic last year.  They started the project as soon as the loan was granted by the bank and completed the project before the expected date.  I only have good things to say about how we were treated by Mike Gentile and Murphy Contracting.  I would highly recommend them as they are efficient, precise and honest individuals.  Every step of the way from the ground breaking to the last bit of paint touch-ups went very smoothly.

The project finished before scheduled and also stayed within budget.  Actually some money was refunded to us that National City Bank had allowed.

Mike Gentile explained everything to us in complete detail; we felt we could totally trust his words.  His foreman on the job, Jim Listner, was also a very conscientious individual.  They made sure we knew what was going on throughout the entire project and asked our opinions quite often.

Our new veterinary clinic is beautiful.  Everyone that walks in is totally impressed and amazed at its features and the overall impressive look.  I wish I could have a permanent sign on my desk stating, “Murphy Contracting Made This Happen!”

I can only recommend Mike Gentile and the entire team of Murphy Contracting with a 100%, A+ recommendation.  They made this project (that we waited 30 years to accomplish) the best you could imagine.

Please feel free to call or stop in to see our clinic.

 Thank you,

 Dr. John R. Kolehmainen
& Beverly J. Kolehmainen

The Middlefield Banking Company

July 14, 2008

As Middlefield Bank’s Senior Vice President and Area Executive I was responsible for overseeing the construction of our new branch office inCortland,Ohio.  We built a 2,950 square foot branch with an 1,100 square foot add-on for anticipated rental.  WE began the project just as winter was setting in and faced several weather related challenges along the way.  However, due to the construction management skills of Murphy Contracting, we never missed a deadline and finished the entire project ahead of schedule.

I was extremely pleased with the expertise and cooperation we received from Murphy and their entire organization.  They settled many of the issues before they even reached my desk.  Instead of presenting problems, they offered solutions.  I would highly recommend them for any construction projects we may entertain in the future.

Integrity Services, Inc.

July 14, 2008

I have spent forty years in the commercial construction industry working in 25 states and 60 cities.  My experience with Murphy Contracting Co. was with the expansion atOldNorthChurchin Canfield, OH.  I attend this church and acted as the owners’ representative.

I have found Murphy to be one of the best firms that I have worked with anywhere in the country.  Under the direction of Mike gentile they were very sensitive to the needs of the church and the pastoral staff.  The project was delivered on schedule, within our budget and any additional scope items were priced fairly and equitably.  The quality of workmanship was top rated.  Murphy’s staff was proactive on each and every decision and detail.

Old North church would not consider using any other construction firm in the future.  A few other business owners and developers in the congregation have stated they will only consider Murphy as their contractor for expansions to their business.

Based on my experience in the construction and development industry, I only grant positive recommendations to firms that are deserving.  In my opinion none is more worthy of a sincere recommendation than Murphy Contracting Co.


Jim Sebastion
VP Consulting

City of Youngstown Water Department

July 15, 2008

The Murphy Contracting Company was authorized to commence work on July 6, 1999 for the Existing Pump House Conversion Project.  The total cost of this project was $1,334,481.00.  A second authorization to commence work was issued on June 19, 2000 for the workshop and locker room addition.  The total cost for this project was $862,237.00

Both projects were completed on time and within budgeted amounts.  They City of Youngstown experienced outstanding project relationship with The Murphy Contracting Company and would highly recommend them for any future project considerations.

If you have any questions or require additional information please contact my office at 330-743-5338.


Eugene J. Leson
Chief Engineer

Harley-Davidson BikeTown

July 16, 2008

The successful completion ofHarley-DavidsonBikeTownwas due, in large part, to the quality workmanship of The Murphy Contracting Company and each member involved in the construction process.  On behalf ofHarley-DavidsonBikeTown, we would like to thank The Murphy Contracting Company for their dedication to the safe and timely completion on our new 47,000 square foot building. BikeTownhired The Murphy Contracting Company specifically because of their commitment to maintaining quality work and as always, this was certainly demonstrated throughout the building process.

Murphy Contracting’s extensive experience, knowledge and quality of work make them leaders in the markets they serve.

We are appreciative of the efforts of The Murphy Contracting Company and look forward to having this company as a part of our construction tram in the future.


Thomas J Wronkovich