Pre-Engineered Buildings

The Murphy Contracting Company has been involved with pre-engineered metal building for over 20 years.  We carry 2 different manufacturers to choose from. What this does for the owner is help get the best possible price because we have both manufacturers competitively bidding against each other for the work. We offer turn-key style construction, or we can just provide you with the building to erect yourself. Whatever it may be we can provide it to you.

Pre-engineered buildings provide cost-efficient solutions, fast completion times, and the ability to add on to an existing structure without disturbances to a business that needs to remain open during construction.

Whether you need a stand alone structure or you desire adding on to an existing structure, we have the solutions you're looking for! We can handle the design and construction phases or we can provide you with most cost-effective structure on the market that solves your challenge.

Contact us to assist you with any process and solution you need. We’re happy to help!